The breakthrough point of drug research and development is modern Chinese medicine

How about the latest international trends in drug development in 2012? And what will it do to Chinese drug research and development?
Recently several industry analysts have pointed out that the breakthrough of China’s drug development is modern medicine.

Study the modern Chinese medicine in western method: it has become a trend to find out a new approach developing new drugs, because it is more and more difficult to do research on new drugs relying on traditional methods. In a situation, the use of modern methods of development of Chinese medicine is undoubtedly promising, it is because: First, the development of the original foreign western edge (capital, technology, human resources) better than in China, but Chinese medicine is a traditional Chinese medicine with western plant extracts medical methods study of traditional Chinese medicine has a broad development space. Second, medicine is mainly aimed to study the effectiveness of a single molecule, while the number of molecular medicine is to play a synergistic role, the discovery of drugs work as effective molecular needle in the haystack, so effectively by targeting direct molecular studies can be described as a shortcut. Third, Western countries have been increasing emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine, which provides for the development of traditional Chinese medicine a good external environment.

Development of international quality standards: the emergence of international drug development targeting the high R & D (mainly in the anti-virus, cancer, old age medicine and other fields), and standard strings please patents globalization and so on. In this situation, the Chinese drug development should be based on traditional Chinese medicine, and to develop quality standards with international standards, so that generic drugs into new medicines. Such as Radix, which meet international quality standards can not be found on the common standard, to really break into the international market, to go the road of modernization of Chinese pharmaceutical raw materials. Second, we can not ignore the secondary development of traditional Chinese medicine, because it also belongs to the scope of drug development.

Strengthen the patent protection and international cooperation: in the post-genome era, is a popular trend to transfer the genetic information into technology products. In this situation, benefits of pharmaceutical which lacks of independent intellectual property rights and market competitiveness will decrease. For this point, modern medicine should be effectively protected. MeanwhileScience Articles, we need to establish an international platform in academia and industry and combine the advantages of China’s downstream marketing with the international technological innovation.